Shut Down DC: The Call for Climate Change

It's been anything but quiet on this first day of Fall here in Washington. Following Friday's international climate strikes, the "Shut Down DC" protest intended to do just that: implement a call to action by disrupting the daily lives of commuters and passersby, our students and employees included.

The SAIS community was provided with a map of where this protest would lead, but it seems that none of us would come to understand the magnitude until reaching Massachusetts Avenue this morning. 

This sort of activism is not a rare occurrence in DC. Protests, marches, and other forceful displays keep our city fueled and energized. SAIS students have found opportunities like these inspiring. The kinds of activism and vigor found in DC are some of the many reasons that students from around the world choose to study here at SAIS.

Within the curricula, SAIS recognizes the significance of climate change and the implications it will leave for generations to come. Our Master of Arts degree allows students to concentrate in Energy, Resources and Environment studies should they choose to do so. This concentration includes courses such as Global Electricity Markets, Energy Transitions in the US, and Climate Change: Science, Economics and Politics just to name a few.

Ultimately, it is the kind of learning that happens both inside and outside of the classroom that allows our students to enact change.

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