Christmas Soaping & Experimenting

It’s that time again, when we are preparing our Christmas soap!! This time of the year is a fun one for me…  We have calmed down from our busy summer, done a few tradefairs in Northern Spain which were new for us so we travelled a bit as well.

Now back to experimenting, product development and production!

Originally this was my “potpourri” soap experiment.  Now it is our tradition that we save up our cut offs over the year and use them up in our Christmas soap. Grated, shaved or cut into bits.   

This year, we are hoping to have enough bars to donate to some of the local charities.

I got carried away and had a bit of a disaster when trying something new…  I had to work it into the mould, like playdough with gloved hands.  That was a first...!

Happy Soaping everyone!! xoxo Jen  

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