Same Soap… Same Oil… Different oil batch

This is one of the private label soaps we do and the main oil in it is Olive Oil which the client gives me, pressed from the olives of their own trees.  The last batch they gave me had a lot of olive “sludge”…  the browny/ black thick mass that settles on the bottom of olive oil.  In discussions with the owners at the usual Olive Oil Mill I get my oil from, they tell me that it is fabulous for soap-making as it is the fattiest.
With the private client’s approval, this time I experimented and didn’t strain it out.  We both like the unusual colour and brown flecks… and will test to see if there is any performance difference… but will probably go back to straining it out for more consistency.
I love being surprised and learning… see how a slight oil change effects natural colour in soap?
So much more to write about… so little time…
Hope you are all having a super summer full of smiles, adventure, passion and surprises!!
Happy soaping!

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