Soap Production

200 soaps (192 to be exact)…. Incubating cozy warm…
This is the most soap I have made in 1 day.  We made 96 before 10am and another 96 after 8:30pm.  Since I have an open shop… I have to produce outside of shop hours!
 Some simple trays we got out carpinters to make, to carry soaps around.
Then I had a productive working day in between.  Supposing I had more moulds, and the shop was closed for the day, I wonder how many I could make…? Maybe 400 or 500 if I was really pushing it…
Soaps on our new trays...
I remember reading on someone’s blog, it may have been Patti Flynn’s… that she can produce 2000 soaps in a day????? Wow!
What is the maximum amount of soaps you have produced in one day?  
xoxo Jen

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