Making Castille Soap

Castille Soap sounds like the simplest soap of all to make... but it hasn't been so simple for me!
My Castille soap has only 2 active ingredients - local organic extra-virgin olive-oil and water, once the lye has evaporated out. 
Gentle, moisturizing, low, gooey lather... when my skin is feeling its driest in the winter, this is the soap I use on my face, then I follow up with my Serum.
Simple to measure things out and begin mixing, but it takes forEVER to trace. 
As I pour at a very light trace, sometimes it leaks if I don't get the mould liners perfect... so now I Saran-wrap the insides of the moulds first, when I make Castille soap, then the liner...

Then it needs a little under 3 days in the moulds before removing... as it is still very soft if I remove it after 24 hours.  If I remove the soap logs at the right time, my fingers can still sink into it, it is still slightly buttery, but I need to cut at this point. If I wait even just 4 more hours, it crumbles and breaks my soap slicer.
If I stamp too early it is gooey....
If I stamp at the right time, I think it looks quite beautiful with its smooth natural white .... and after a few months curing, it is a wonderful gentle bar.
Happy Soaping!! xo Jen

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