Soap Stamps

I just got a new soap stamp and I am really pleased.  I have worked with several different types of soap stamps – my very first one was from Anhoki, through ETSY, which I got several years ago and have loved and used it almost as much as my wonderful soap moulds… 
(Note toothbrush a very important cleaning tool for soap stamps.)
For some time, my husband has been bugging me to get another one done just in case.  Unfortunately Anhoki is no longer making soap stamps.  
At one point I got a wooden one done for a client who wanted their personalized logo stamped into some soaps I was making for them. 

Very good price, Spanish made, great customer service, but the person who made it had warned me against intricate lines.  The client insisted on the fine border around their logo, which actually came off. 
I also worked with another acrylic one which the customer themselves had made.  Very intricate lines, wonderful impression, but it just needed a handle.  It was just a flat stamp and hard to get off, once stuck into the soap.
(Sorry, I didn't get a photo of the stamp itself.)
So I discovered  I had to get another stamp made for a local retreat who will be using our personalized soaps (yippee!) so I had one made for myself at the same time.

 I AM THRILLED.   And stamping with this stamp is quite different.  Normally with my other stamps, I laid the stamp down on the soap in position, then gave it a wack! Or several wacks with a hammer.  With this one, I just press it in.   Much easier.  I use my wrist more so I am hoping not to get and issues with my wrist… but what a wonderful impression and so very easy to work with and clean. 
As you can see the impression is slightly different, slightly bigger, the border a bit thicker, the leaves more solid….  Well, I like it. 
Customer service, price and delivery times were awesome!  I will definitely be using Lasercuts again.
So... sorry my little Anhoki soap stamp... you have served me well, thank you for all you have contributed to my soaping... my beloved and first soap stamp is being retired. Of course she will be safely stored as we may need to use her again at some point.
Happy Stamping everyone!
(I may be posting a little less and using facebook a little more as I am settling into facebook… whereas blogging is such a wonderful connection with other soapers, facebook seems to be both a business tool, a local connection as well as connection with other soapers so if you like, come on over and join me over there. For now, my Jenora Soap blog remains where I post about soap making and experimenting.)

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