pH Testing - Handmade Soap

  Getting set up with Health and Safety here in Spain has not been easy.  One of the requirements is that each and every batch that is to be sold has to be tested by a lab for certain parameters… two of those parameters are free lye and pH.  Ever had your soap tested officially by a lab?  I bet you would be surprised by the results.  The tonge test is not very accurate…
So the pharmacist that I work with (another health and safety requirement here) is doing some pH experimenting with me.  We are noticing that the pH definitely comes down with time.
We are working with the paper testers and phenolphthalein.  The phenalphthalein basically tells us if the pH is under or over 8.  Under 8 and it comes clear.  Over 8 and it begins to get pink, bright pink still being up there around 10.   But under 8 and over 10 cannot be detected easily with phenalphthalein.  The paper strips do not seem to be very accurate as they are telling me the pH in the photos looks to be around 7 or 8, and the Phen. Tells me it is up near 10!
I have decided to get a more accurate pH (probably a digital one) tester very soon!
I would be interested in hearing your experiences with pH, what pH level is your handmade soap usually at and if you do anything to attempt to bring it down.
Happy soaping!!

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