My Dream Job

  Recently, I needed to set and answer some questions for one of my on-line program passwords…. You know, for if I forget it – what was the name of your first pet, what is your sister’s name, WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB?
Wow... That was when I realized that I have my dream job.  I am doing it!!   I have done a lot of jobs, working at least part time since I was 12 years old when I started babysitting.  Looking back on some of them… camp councellor, waitressing at cafés, a golf course, restaurants, bars, working at Canada’s Wonderland (similar to Disney World), ski instructing, kite sewing, nanny/au pair, ski guide, English teaching, secretary, receptionist at an Insurance Brokerage, maintenance/ gardener at a summer camp, teaching Spanish, typist, assisant to a psychologist, translating, Sales Service Manager at a Security Printing company, Assistant to Consul at an Embassy, Legal assistant, Homeowner services coordinator, Property Manager, Community Administrator...  Some of the jobs I liked more than others...
And now - Artisan Soap and Skincare Maker & Studio and Shop Owner. And all that entails.  I have never enjoyed a job so much in my life.  I have maybe never worked as hard in my life before as well… but it feels more rewarding than I ever could have imagined because I adore what I do.  I have never yet felt the “dread” that I have felt in some of my previous jobs, when I had to get to work... Even at 7 o´clock in the morning when I am loading up for a market, I still get those excited butterflies in my stomach.  I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!
Yesterday was the beginning of a new opportunity for me... Giving a demo at a local private resort... Again on my way there, rehearsing what I was going to say in my head, I was full of those excited butterflies… and I felt so fortunate to be right here, exactly where I am, doing exactly what I am doing…. Making a living doing what I love most.
(Setting up the Demo area at the resort)
What is “making a living”?  Probably means different things to different people.  I used to earn more money, live in a bigger house, we had 2 cars and more vacations.  Now, we live in a little house near the beach, share a vehicle (my studio and shop is less than a 2 minute walk from home) and we take “stay”cations here.
But the quality of my life at this moment feels like the richest it has ever been.
I wish you all a wonderful day full of gratitude.
Happy Soaping!!

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