My new wine soap is turning out really well.
I find myself needing to simplify things and struggling on-line to keep up with 2 blogs, 3 email addresses, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, my web-site and mail chimp…  as well as all the non-on-line stuff like making and developing products (my favourite part of all of this), the studio and shop, markets, trade-fairs, packaging, ordering, admin etc etc.   Doing the one-woman-show is challenging but so rewarding.
I also know that to bring in more on-line sales, I need to direct people to my website instead of Jenora Soaps…
So, I will be focusing more on my Naturalmente Mediterraneo blog.  Hope you can all come visit me over there…
my latest post there has more details about my developing wine soap.
Thank you to all the wonderful and loyal followers.  I so enjoy your lovely comments.

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