Pure Castille Soap

 My pure Castille Soap is the simplest and gentlest soap I make.  Two active ingredients: organic extra-virgin olive oil and distilled water. No scent.  Super smooth and hard. Moisturizing.
The timing is different to my other soaps as it takes 3 days in the mould before I can even remove it. 
Even after 2 days in the mould, if I try to remove it, it is too soft, like butter, my finger would go right into it.  Then I wait until the perfect moment for cutting and stamping?  Ooops… this one was too early…
But wow, what a soap!  Minimal gooey, un-bubbly lather.  Wonderful on dry and sensitive skin.  This used to be a small-quantity experimental soap, but so many testers have come back requesting more that I think I will be including it in my regular line.
Happy soaping everyone!!

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