Drasted Bubbles and Floods

Look at those drasted bubbles.  I don’t mean suds. I mean the bubbles that get into your soap when you pour into the mould! 
I try so hard during the mixing and blending phase to keep the bubbles out and then WHAM! as I pour into the mould, sometimes these get into my soap.  Doesn’t affect the soap quality… just aesthetics.   I think I get over anxious and start pouring too fast.  When I pour low and slowly… I get a nice bubble-free slab.  Any tips… let’s brainstorm them here.
Update:  Made over 400 bars of soap in the last 2 weeks and have been LOVING IT. I was almost completely out of soap after a busy summer.  As I am now getting stock back up to normal, I have begun to experiment again…. I have a pot of liquid soap on this morning.  I hope it doesn’t take me as many batches to get a really great liquid soap as it did for my soap bars!!  But I am patient (sort of) and I am confident I will get there.
On a personal and very sad note, we had a big storm on Friday in the area when I live and a flash flood of overflowing rivers took out two local bridges and swept a river of cars down to the beach. 
(Some photos I took on Saturday)
Destroyed many houses and some lives. 

(part of the promenade that was my morning walk)

The area has been devastated. We got water back this morning after a weekend of gathering buckets from our neighbor’s pool for the urgent stuff. Our neighbourhood is gathing clothing and what we can to donate to those that have been left with nothing.
I lost a friend... whose smile will always be with me.
I am focussing on being so very thankful for all that I have in my life. And living the moment, as it can all change so quickly. 
xoxoxoxo Jen

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