Studio and Shop Opening Day

What a wonderful day!   So much support from friends, clients and my husband.
  We had so much fun at the opening.  It was one of the hottest and most humid days and I couldn’t get the air conditioning working… didn’t matter.  I felt so excited and proud.

I realized that apart from being a place to make and sell my products, it almost seems like a shrine to this corner of the world that I adore. 
I realized how much I have souced locally… as it is so important to me to support the local economy, friends and fellow artisans.  I look at the walls and see the small local contractor who did the renovations… my husband and I have worked with his sister and his father in a previous job.  Then I see the painting that my husband spent so many hours doing… he painted the entire place. 
 I see the carpenter, who also previously worked with us, who made the shelves, my new molds, my market stand, the round display unit and the little sales area/ desk… 
I see the ceramicist who made the studio sign, some wall hangings, soap dishes and shaving mugs (which sold out)! 
I see the lovely stain-glass artist who made my mirrors.  
 I see the photographer who took photographs of the local ingredients I use… looking at the bare walls only 7 days ago, I called him and explained the project I wanted him to take on.  He and his wife tracked things down, even setting up a bowl of sea salt on the beach… and got the printed photos to me within 3 days….
I see the local 92-year old basket-weaver who made my baskets for me.
I see some of my suppliers as well… Pepe who supplies my local organic jojoba oil, Rafa who supplies the local organic extra-virgin olive oil, Juan who provides the local beeswax and honey…
My husband, the detail freak, insisted that I label things in each of the storerooms, with nice printed labels with my logo.  I love the result.  
(Curing room)

(Packaging Room)

People that came to the opening brought plants, good luck charms, well-wishing cards and great company.   We were overwhelmed and surprised with all the people who came.
We shared drinks and paella outside and celebrated!    One of my friends and her darling daughter won one of the baskets I raffled off.
We only wished our families could have shared this moment with us, but I don’t complain because it was our choice to live so far away.
So thank you again for following my story and being a part of this special moment as well.
Love and inspiration to all!!

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