Goat Milk Green Tea Spirulina

This is a remake for a friend who suffers from eczema on her hands.  She has tried out all sorts of my soaps but says that this one is the only one that really soothes and helps her eczema.  I don't make it as a part of my regular line, as I would prefer it to have something local rather than green tea.  I will probably experiment with Nettle and Rosemary again.  

Oh how I wish this beautiful elusive Spirulina green would stay.  The only difference in the photos was that the second one was taken with the curtain closed... I didn't edit them at all.  What a difference lighting makes! It is a lovely green in real life... just wish it would stay!!
Essential oil blend:  Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Frankincense

Happy Soaping!!


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