The Studio Sign

The Studio Sign arrived on Monday - my 42nd birthday!

The day finished off with the ceramics artist, Vidal, arriving with the original hand-crafted ceramic sign we had him make for the studio!!!  My husband and Vidal took hours putting it up… and I just couldn’t stop giggling as I was so pleased with how it turned out.  Better than planned… 
Vidal will be working with me to create some original soap dishes and shaving soap mugs as well. 
He included a unique mail-box as well!

 We are not a very materialistic family and don’t usually spend much money on gifts on birthdays or Christmas.  More about being together.   My husband’s birthday gift to me was a little kitten that he rescued from the golf course where he works and I baked cookies to take around to friends.  I found a mysterious bottle of Spanish red wine on my doorstep (still haven’t figured out who would have delivered it) and my dad sent me a book on making liquid soaps, which I have been wanting for some time…  My mum got me my wonderful new camera, which she had given me earlier, on her recent visit here.
Our new kitten - Micha.

Each step of this journey in turning my dream into reality has been amazing.  Seeing the sign up on Monday not only made me smile, & giggle but also brought sentimental tears to my eyes. I guess I will always remember just how low I had sunk professionally only a few short years ago… in a stressful job that almost broke me…  and feel so much gratitude now for where I am.  Making a living doing what I love most. 
Happy Soaping everyone!!

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