Lí Ban Ireland Soaps – International Friendship Soap Swap

elegant, pretty, decadent, feminine, mysterious, skin-softening, luring, addictive…

 These are the Lí Ban Ireland Soaps that sweet Rose sent me for the International Friendship Soap Swap!   http://libanireland.blogspot.com.es/2012/03/fantasia.html 
She sent me two soaps – Fantasia and Indulgence - as well as an un-scented lip balm which leaves my lips soft and moist for hours after putting it on! 

Both of the soaps are stunning.  I am in love with her stamp and I detect some glitter around the stamped area... just a touch which adds something fantastical and mysterious…  and the scents are so unique,  I think Rose is a bit of a master at blending essential oils.   The suds are quite different from my soaps as there appears to be no Olive Oil in them.   Differnet but LOVELY suds.  Big, bubbly, rich and creamy.  And my skin feels fresh, clean and soft after right after use.

I just love these gorgeous, luxurious soaps as well as the lip balm.
Thank you so much Rose!!

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