Briny Bar Soap & Hair Peace!

I am in love with Briny Bar's Hair Peace!!!  The product is devine in my hair, so easy to use and works perfectly with my favourite Honey Beer shampoo bar, which although it leaves my hair nice and soft, the initial brush-through isn't always ideal.  Hair Peace has solved the brush-through problem.  An all natural de-tangler?  It's more than that.  It feels wonderful in my hair and my scalp.  I have hidden it so that my daughter and husband don't discover it... I am not usually this greedy... I just don't want to share this time....  

I also adore the Briny Bar packaging.  There is something so fabulous about the ingredients being printed so simply and LARGE, so easy to read.  Whenever I see ingredients printed large, I feel like the company is proud of what goes into their product... instead of trying to hide it.  I wish I could print my ingredients out so large and simply but here we have to comply with INCI, which standardizes ingredient labels but also makes them more diffucult to understand for the averager shopper.
As for the soaps she sent me, I am currently using Black Magic Banana in the studio kitchen and I LOVE it.  Wonderful silky lather.  Large and hard bar.  Beautiful texture.  Sweet & spicy essential oil aroma.  All around awesome.

Thank you so much Dennise for the opportunity to try your awesome products!


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