Soap Studio Update - We are getting there...

 Packaging Room

Front Room

Not finished yet! But here are some of the latest photos.  Spaces are all divided up.  Painting, cleaning and moving things in.  Trying to use as many things as I already have and adapting to the purpose... to keep costs down.  The packaing area is outfitted for the moment with an old bedroom set of my daughters!  Production area had to be tiled (walls) and stainless steel work tables which were donated by friends in the restaurant business.  It seems to be coming together but still a long way to go!! 

Production area (not finished, currently organizing)

Sometimes I drool over those beautiful photos on Pinterest of the perfectly decorated and organized work-spaces... but then I realize that they are photos.  This is real. And usable.  And practical.  And within my budget. And my dream is coming true.

One of the storerooms

Working together with the technical architect and the person I have chosen to be my technical representative (as I am not a chemist or pharmacist) in order to get all the health and safety details together.

Wishing you all a wonderful inspired week full of dreams!!

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