International Soap Swap - Somerset Garden

For the International Soap Swap organized at:
I was paired with:  Suzanne from Somerset Garden at:
I am in love with her soap!!   We have similar soaping philosophies - only natural & mostly local ingredients.  I also believe that like me, she doesn’t use any palm oil.
I am loving the Spring Floral soap she sent me! The essential oil blend (orange, geranium & frankincense) is out of this world!  I keep going back to sniff and sniff again.  The scent also lingers on my skin.  The soap is nice and hard, the suds are amazing and my skin feels wonderful after using it. 
And what lovely packaging! That box!!  I look at it and fantasize about my own packaging process getting quicker somehow, yet being as simply elegant as Somerset Garden’s.
Thank you Suzanne for this awesome opportunity!!

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