Savon de Mika

The sweet, sweet Mika from Savonnerie Mika sent me some of her wonderful soaps as a gift.  
As you can see, their appearance is lovely and represents what Mika’s soaps are all about – truly and elegantly natural.
Using them has been a treat for my skin.  The scents are subtle yet nice. Both soaps are mild and gentle on the skin but produce beautifully rich lather. 
I love them both, however the round soap was a totally new and awesome experience for me as it has primarily sunflower oil! I continue to use both of these lovely soap in the shower.
Like me, Mika has also been carrying out experiments with different Olive Oils in soaps and Castille soaps.  She posts a lot of great information about her experiments on her blog.
She also sent me 5 pieces of different castille soaps she has made with different olive oils and I will be trying those out as well. 
What a treat! Thank you for the opportunity Mika!!
xoxo Jen

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