Guessing Game - Answers, Winners and Brainstorm List

Thanks everyone for your awesome guesses!  The colorants that were actually used to naturally colour these four different soaps were:
From left to right:
Soap 1) Pink Clay – fairly simple.  Added at trace.  Maybe could have mixed it in a little better and avoided the specs…. Or maybe not… maybe I like the specs?
Soap 2) Madder Root – I infused olive oil with Madder Root and used that olive oil in the main portion of the recipe.  I really like this colour and the soap is so smooth.
Soap 3) Madder Root and Alkanet Root – These are both infused in oils.  As mentioned under soap 2 – the Madder Root was infused in olive oil and added to the main part of the recipe.  The alkanet root was infused in Castor Oil and added at trace, but I don’t think the alkanet came through.  Didn’t add enough?  I was hoping for an interesting unique shade… and what are all those white specs?  Bubbles?  Not sure why this happened.
Soap 4) Red Clay – I was surprised by the result.  Simply turned the soap slightly tan!I will use more next time and see if I get a better colour.
So, as for the winners -  there were two really:
Michelle from Two Blooms Design Studio at  and Mabel Savonniere at

Michelle and Mabel - Congratulations to you both!! Please send me an email and I will send you a list of my current soaps to choose from!
The brainstorm list that we came up with together for natural shades of pink and tan in cold process soap making:

rosehip powder
pink or rose clay
beet juice
rose dust
madder root
aloe juice
turmeric/ curcuma
alkanet root
chai tea spices
valley mauve clay from TKB
beetroot powder
bayberry root
yucca root
So, thank you so much for contributing, reading, following and happy soaping!!

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