Studio Update

Yesterday we did the initial clean out of the studio with some helpful friends.
We had to throw out a lot...
  but there are things we can recycle as well. Corks – maybe a handmade cork board? Wooden squares – framed blackboards? I can see staining them and then painting the inside section with blackboard paint. Baskets… bowls…
My first Essential Oil burner blend to cleanse previous smells and renew the atmosphere – Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Spearmint & Lavender…
First coffee there, paid for by the Euros we found when cleaning up…

Now just waiting on renovation quotes… front sign quotes… my husband and I are at odds about the sign.  I think it should be handmade – maybe in wood, maybe in metal relief, maybe in ceramic tile – hand painted. I don’t want neon and plastic. He thinks the most important think is visibility, class and lighting, so that it will catch people’s eye and bring them in…. hmmm. We will see!

Currently there are 4 different floors!  The original laid stone work as you can see in what will be the production room… faux-wood as you can see in the area designated for packaging… small brick-like tile in the front and then large ochre-coloured tile in the bathroom… so we will have to choose which one or which combination to go with. Cost will be a major factor as well as we are doing this on a budget and I am determined not to take any loan... loans for me create stress and I don't want stress in my life.
All at the same time, getting the paperwork done (well, understanding requirements first!) for Health and Safety, continuing production and markets as I have previously been doing, creating new packaging for my shampoo bars, getting my daughter ready for Carneval (she danced on Saturday night) and an upcoming dance competition, language classes and markets.
It is a very busy time, but it is a wonderful busy as I am doing what I love!!
Happy Soaping!!

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