Sapunuri naturale

I recently received this beautiful package from Alexandra at   We have been exchanging emails ever since she won the guessing game on my mysterious natural soap colour – Pomegranate Juice!
The thing that struck me most at first from the wonderful selection of soaps that Alexandra sent me was the difference between all of her products.  Each one has so many different ingredients!  The aromas come from Essential Oil blends and they are faint but lovely blends.
The first soap that I am using of hers, as I was most intrigued by it, is her soap with Pomegranate Juice and Hibiscus tea, and I am amazed at its smoothness and the way it leaves my skin feel – one of the nicest soaps I have ever tried.
I used to think that a good soap needed to have abundant, big bubbly lather, but that seems sort of superficial to me these days…. The real thing I look for in a bar of soap is how it leaves my skin feel.  Although I still love scent, smoothness, and a manageable soap size.  This soap, as it was cut as a smallish sample, was easy to use, the scent is quite faint, and it is VERY smooth, sort of reminds me of my pomegranate bar smoothness.  Could it have something to do with the juice?  
I started trying the soap out first on my hands for a couple of days.  The lather is delayed but it slowly builds up into a thick and creamy (less bubbly) lather which is amazingly addicting.  I love it.  And the best part is the softness of my skin afterward.  What an amazing soap!!   I then used it in the shower and I loved it on my body as well as my face.  Very moisturizing and softening.  I am so in love with this bar that I will be upset when it is I use it all up!!!
But I have several more to try out.  When trying out new soaps, I prefer to use only 1 type for a couple of weeks to really feel the effects on my skin.

Next I get to try out her beautiful shampoo bar, with castor oil, green and yellow clays, spirulina, basil leaves, rosemary leaves and rosemary, tea tree and ylang ylang essential oils, and several other soaps – one with shea butter & geranium & rose essential oils, another with Carrot Juice, “Catina” oil with a blend of sweet orange, bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils, another with Heineken Beer, Castor oil and Patchouli, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils.

I may have to post an update once I have tried the other soaps!!
Thank you SO MUCH Alexandra for sharing your soaps with me.  So far I LOOOOOOOVE them.

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