Revisit Water Discounted Soap...

Remember this crumbling rock hard goat milk soap?

Well, it has turned into a fabulous bar!!  The creamiest milk soap I ever made. Wonderful, rich, bubbly suds. The scent has stayed really well.  It is also ROCK hard.
So, my questions to you are:
Do you discount the liquid & why?  Or why not?
What differences have you found in the finished soap when discounting?
Maybe just maybe, I have found that the suds are slightly more difficult to wash off?  But there may be other factors involved so I am interested in others' experiences with water/liquid quantity differences in soaps.
The soap was made with 100% goat milk and the water discount was 36%.

I wish the photo were better... but can you see how milky the bar is?

Eager for your comments!


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