Orange Season

Orange season here starts in December and is still on! Oh yeah... freshly squeezed local orange juice every day until we get sick of it and then we wait until next December to get sick of it all over again!
We don't usually buy the oranges, they get given to us by locals by the crate.

As you can see, we have almost finished the oranges in this crate!   These wonderfully juicy local oranges are also the oranges I use for the grated peels that go into my Orange Poppyseed Soap and Scrub.

It takes about 3 to 4 oranges for a full glass of juice and before I juice them, I wash them, dry them, then grate the peels off.
Here are some of the peels drying at different stages.

It is also currently mandarin season, lemon season and olive oil season (the olives are usually gathered throughout December).  Pomegranate season just finished.  Almond season is coming up, then watermelon and lavender season. We recently got given local sweet onions and garlic as well. We seem to get fresh local tomatoes (my favourite food of all time…) all year long.  I think if I had to choose 2 foods that I couldn’t live without it would be tomatoes and cheese.
There are definite benefits to living in an agricultural area!!
Hope you all have a week filled with passion and inspiration!!
Happy Soaping!

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