Pomegranate Soap - Follow Up

I tried 4 different versions of Pomegranate Soap.  Unfortunately, the scents were all duds.  I have been very frustrated with my EO blending recently. I have decided that I don’t like Frankinsence or Palmarosa in soap.  I have tried blending them in many different ways but I just don’t like either of them. In the last few months, I have only come up with 2 new scents that I have really liked.  Oh well…  it is all part of the fun!   The colours were very interesting.  They all have fresh pomegranate juice that I made from local pomegranates.  They also all have some pomegranate seed oil in them.
The first photo shows them in order – Soap 1 (from left to right) has half water, half pomegranate juice.  Soap 2 has all pomegranate juice, no water.  Soap 3 has all pomegranate juice and madder root, as a colour experiment, and in an attempt to preserve the little pomegranate seed oil I had left, it is superfatted with both pomegranate seed oil and rose hip oil. Soap 4 is similar to soap 3 but without the madder root.

The soap is wonderful (except for the scent).  SO smooth and rich and my skin feels wonderful afterward.    This is definitely a repeat, but I need to come up with a great scent for it…

Also, I may not be able to continue experimenting with this one this year… as the pomegranate season ended suddenly.  Right when the local pomegranates were at their ripest, there was a torrential rain storm which made most of the pomegranates crack, open up and fall to the ground. 
 hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday season

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