Wonderful Gift from Nubes de Jabón

What a surprise! I received unexpectedly a gift of two beautiful soaps from Julia at Soap Artists & Nubes de Jabón http://soapartists.blogspot.com/ & http://nubesdejabon.blogspot.com/

Wonderful wonderful soaps!  The texture, feel, and suds are lovely and so very different from mine, the most different from mine of any hand-made soap that I have tried! 

White, milky, light, fluffy & bubbly suds…

Sweet and floral scents that last and last…

Soft conditioned skin that stays that way long after using them...

Thank you Julia for this lovely gift and opportunity of trying your soaps!

Also, for anyone who is interested, check out the soap photography contest she is hosting on her Soap Artists blog!  http://soapartists.blogspot.com/2011/11/concurso-fotografico-en-soap-artists.html

xoxo  Jen

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