Great Shampoo Bar Exchange

Rosemary Nettle Shampoo Bar, with Basil and Green Clay

Beer Honey Shampoo Bar

Carrot and Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar

A few months ago, when several of these soapers with blogs that I follow began posting about their Shampoo Bar experiments, I got an idea....

A SHAMPOO BAR EXCHANGE!!!! This way, I would get to try out some different shampoo bars, get feedback on my shampoo bars and do a soap experimental exchange/ challenge which I have been dying to do since I began soaping.

So I contacted:

Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps

Great Cakes Soapworks

The Soap Sister

and invited them to participate. They all agreed! It took a couple of months to get things ready for shipping and recently we all shipped off our shampoo bars!

We are now going to be using one soapers bar at the same time and blogging about them...

Can't wait!!

Please forgive the repeat photos. The photos in the blog are the shampoo bars I sent, and I don't have new photos as I don't have my camera back yet!!

Leg update: I am walking better and better and enjoying physio-therapy! Leg, foot and ankle still get pretty swollen, so I put the leg up for rest sometimes as well....

Happy Soaping and Shampooing to everyone!


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