Trip to Canada - Part 2

Beer & Honey Shampoo

Wild Lavender

Dog Shampoo

Activated Charcoal, Goat Milk, Spearmint Essential Oil

This is just a teaser... they are some old photos of soaps I made... but the great news is the Doctor unwrapped my leg yesterday and blood tests say that there is no more Thrombosis! Yippee. So I am to begin walking on it again... does that mean soaping? Oh yes I think it does!!! And walking!!! And full-on Showering!!! I have a lot to organize here (still need to get unpacked etc etc...) but I think I may be able to make soap tomorrow. My daughter (still in Canada, at camp) has the camera so I am searching for our point and shoot... will find!!

So, back to Canada... A little more Collingwood. My cousin organized (Thank you Eden!!) a big BBQ for Canada Day and a rubber duck race down the creek on my uncle's property. Everyone had to decorate a rubber duck and they were all numbered. Then people bet on the winners to raise money for Cancer. A lot of fun... and I think about 600$ was raised.

Dad watching the Duck race finish line

Another shot of Georgian Bay, Collingwood... looks like the Ocean doesn't it!?

Dad took Aurora and I camping in Arrowhead Park, Huntsville.

I have always left a little piece of my heart in Huntsville as we used to have a cottage there. Most of my memories of family get togethers when I was younger and Christmases and Easters were there. Then during university, I lived there during the summers and worked at a bar in town to pay for university. Although I grew up in Toronto, I would say that Huntville always felt more like home to me. My haven. Dad sold the cottage several years ago. Whenever in Huntsville we always stop by the property to check it out but this time when we arrived, the cottage WASN'T THERE. We found out it had burnt to the ground in April. Wow. I shed a few tears.

More photos of Arrowhead park and Huntsville:

So... Trip to Canada - Part 3 is yet to come and progress leg reports and back to the markets and swimming in the sea and soaping - Oh yeah!!!!!

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