Trip to Canada - Part 1

Ontario summertime countryside (drive from Toronto to Collingwood)

I would love to post some glorious photos of a new soap I made... But I haven’t made soap in over a month because I had been travelling and now I am immobilized with Thrombosis. Can you imagine being immobilized and not being able to do anything other than what you are able to do on a sofa with your leg up in 40ยบ weather with no Air Conditioning... for weeks? No matter how difficult it all is I can't get down about it because I feel so lucky. I feel so fortunate. I feel so blessed to be here. I should not have flown with Thrombisis.

So, please bear with me as I post about non-soapy things until I can get back to my passion...

Toronto Racoon, a family of them live under my old friend Leigh's porch

I almost called this post Trip Home but I have lived away from Canada for 8 years now... So what is home? The place you are from? or the place you are now? Can you create home wherever are? Or maybe it is not about the place at all but about people?

Canola Fields

I almost didn’t go on the trip as I had injured my leg, torn part of my calf muscle shortly before we left... and during the entire 3 week trip I hobbled around on a cane but this trip was mostly about the people so it was okay.

Collingwood, Canada Day, July 1st:

Dad, my daughter Aurora and Mum, at that great Canadian icon - Tim Hortons

My stepmum, back porch, Collingwood

Georgian Bay, photo taken by my daughter

Dad & I

Me, hobbling and happy at Georgian Bay

I will continue with my Canadian journey in another post...

Most nights, ever since my grandmother died in March 2010, before going to sleep, I write a list of the things I am thankful for. Today I am thankful for:
1) the wonderful people in my life
2) my husband who has come through and is looking after me better than I could have imagined
3) being alive and getting better
4) the wonderful smell in my house... with my Essential Oil soaps
5) the enjoyment I get from reading and writing
6) the followers out there who enjoy my Blog

xoxo Jen

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