Wild Flower

I realized recently that in my attempt to create unisex scents, I don’t actually have many feminine scents. Well, I do have 1 pure lavender soap. But I wanted to create another sweet feminine floral. I would LOVE to create a natural Rose or Jasmine soap, especially Jasmine as it is one of the scents I love about this area.

often, deep summer, i am walking along some street and suddenly get hit by the mystical and luring Jasmine…. i look around… follow my nose and seek it out…. finding the bush/plant, i stick my nose deep in and inhale……….

Well, basically it would be too expensive.

So, I combined the florals I have & love – Lavender, Geranium & Ylang Ylang and included pink clay.

You see, I am on a quest to recreate a wonderful scent I already had! Has this ever happened to you?

Over a year ago, I had accidentally created a wonderful EO blend with leftover Eos…… It was the type of scent that I just could not stop sniffing. A Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Lavender blend….

I sent one of the bars to Cocobong in a Soap Swap and she seemed to like the scent too!!! Here was her awesome post about it…


In attempts to recreate the scent though, it has never been the same! I even wrote down the quantities but I must have changed suppliers along the way.

This one is not bad, a little heavy on the Ylang Ylang but it is no “Lady of Leisure”…

The quest continues.

Happy Friday!!!!


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