My New Market Stand

This is the market stand a friend of ours built for me and I am SOOO pleased.

The table goes underneath and I still need cover to go over it, to provide shade. I hunted down material for the shade. It is not easy to find things in the collection of little villages where I live. The first quote was 20€/ meter!! Finally I found some good cloth in "Naturalmente Mediterraneo" green for 6€ per meter (2.80m width) and I have someone making it for me. In the meantime, I just throw a colourful cloth over the stand and secure it on with clothespegs.

I have had a few people request more detailed photos of it, so here they are.

All the parts, disassembled.

The tall parts on my roof rack. The rest fits into the car.

The feet.

The main supports, the "legs". They go into the feet.

Nuts & Bolts

Support Cross Pole

Top - (the cat you can see in the photo is Selena and yes she has a crooked lightening tale like a witches cat)

Hooking the legs into the feet and top

Securing the legs onto the top

Upright but not fully opened yet



Adding and securing cross support pole.

Another photo of the mounted stand in my garden.

The angle of the top can be easily shifted from the back to the front, to shift it with the sun.

As you can see, it is quite small. My table is only 1.2 meters accross. Keeping it small gives me more opportunities for markets. If the stand is bigger, it is more difficult to find space at a market.

Once the shade is ready, I will post pictures with the shade... maybe even operational at a market!

Hope this has been useful for those of you who wanted to see more detailed photos.

Happy Soaping to all.


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