Sharing some photos

Some recent pictures for you...

My coffee soap

I love the difference a few hours makes. The soap in the forefront had just been cut and the soap in the back had been cut a few hours before. Too bad it couldn't stay the forefront brown... oh well.

I know I have asked before... but what essential oils or essential oil blends do you like in a Coffee soap? I am not so sure about the pure Coffee scent any more(C02 oil)...

My Aloe Vera soap

My Aloe Vera soap goes fast. I can't keep it in stock! I continue to tweek with each new batch though, as I would like a more unique look. In this latest batch, I added some of the Aloe Vera plant peels as well.

Some of my Spa products

I have been collaborating with a local Spa, providing them with unique products to use in their therapy sessions and massage, like massage oils, masks, body scrubs. They will be offering my products to the public soon. We are collaborating on a label for them. Tomorrow I am givng their staff a training session.

I decided right from the beginning that if other people were to be promoting my products, I wanted to make sure that they were well trained. I would much rather have 2 people promoting my products who have personally tried each one, and know ALL about them than 200 people who I don't even know have tried them.

I am loving the weather here lately. Spring is my favourite time of the year.

Happy soaping everone!

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