New Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bars seem to be the thing lately, so many people blogging about them!

I will gladly join in since I LOOOOOOOVE Shampoo bars. As I have previously posted about, they didn't always work for me. But I have developed a base recipe that I love now. This time, using my base shampoo recipe, I experimented with something new.

This latest shampoo creation has Green Clay, Aloe Vera, Nettle Tea, Nettle Infused Olive Oil and Rosemary and Basil Essential Oils.

I also decided to play with shape a little. For my regular soaps, I have a shape and size that I love. But with the shampoo bars, I felt like I wanted something a little more hearty. So I tried cutting them more squarish, chunkier than my regular bars. Here one is on my hand.

I am really liking this one already. How am I ever going to wait 4 weeks to be able to try it on my hair??!!??

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