Feeling like an Artist!!

Here are some photos of my attempt at the Spoon Swirl that my last post mentioned using Deep Russet Mica given to me as a gift by Jamie at Sahara Supplies. Thank you Jamie, for the opportunity to experiment with something new!

I had a ball making this soap! I felt like a true artist.... I envisioned myself with a Wall of Soap, flinging different coloured soap at it... what a fantasy! I was laughing while flinging into the mould and didn't want it to end!

Although I don't normally use non-natural ingredients in my soaps, I enjoyed experimenting with Mica. As I understand Micas and Oxides are not really natural colourants. As reported by Sirona Springs "They are chemically the same as the pigments that were once extracted from the Earth (minerals, rocks and such), but manufactured in a laboratory. In a way, they are better than using natural pigments because those can be contaminated with heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc). But still not natural. Mica is a colorless mineral that breaks off into flakes that are great at reflecting light, making them shiny. Colors (pigments or dyes usually) are then attached to them. So while the mica itself may be natural, the attached color is not. They are used not only in soap, but also mineral makeup." So, although I have had fun experimenting with Mica, I will leave it at that.

I think I may have overdone it with the colouring because even when cutting, the knife got coloured and the paper that wiped the knife.... I will report back on the colour of the lather once the curing period is finished.

I also think that when I experiment with this spoon swirl tecnique again, I will bring it to a heavier trace. The flinging at the bottom was a little too liquidy. Then by the time I got to the top it was much better.

As for scent, as this was an experiment, I tried something new! How about all of those little EO bottles hanging around my aroma drawer? I wanted to use some up. Also, I have been wanting to use up my Sandalwood EO for a while. I don't feel great about using Sandalwood (as I understand the trees are almost endangered!!) although I ADORE the scent... but I had purchased it a while ago and there it was staring at me from my aroma drawer, begging to be used up... So, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang. The scent is intriguing... pick up the soap again and again, sniffing to see if I really like it... I would say sensual, intriguing, dark, and smoky (not cigarette smoky but camp-fire smoky). I think the smokiness of the vetiver overtook the blend a little. I have to remember how STRONG vetiver is and use less next time. Like Geranium for me, a little Vetivert goes a LONG way.

So, there is my Deep Russet Mica, spoon swirl experiment! I have one more Mica colour to experiment with. Not sure what I will do with that one...

Happy Soaping everyone!

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