Minty Green Surprise

I had a request recently for my Green Tea soap. I had been focussing so much lately on producing my main Mediterranean soaps and keeping them stocked, that I have not been experimenting as much. Also, my older, non-Mediterranean focussed soaps have almost been forgotten! So how pleasantly surprised was I when I made my Green Tea soap, with a few modifications and Voila! A soft minty green that I really like. It may be the nicest green I have ever achieved and without painstakingly trying.

This soap is made with Green Tea and Goat Milk. It also has flecks of the Green Tea itself in it. Then I also added some Spirulina powder. I know Spirulina usually fades. We will see how this one goes. Check out the Spirulina glob on the top of one of the soaps! Oooops.

The odd thing is that I scented it with Peppermint, Spearmint and Vanilla EOs.... so it smells and almost looks like Mint Chocolate-Chip Ice-Cream (Sabor After Eight en EspaƱol), my favourite!

Also, please note the cut... no crumbling! Yippee! Lately I have been cutting earlier, almost straight out of the mould. Cutting when it is softer has helped the crumble I think.

Happy Soaping!

xo Jen

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