Lemon – Sea Salt Soap

I have been wanting to create a lemon soap for a while (Essential Oil combination of Litsea Cubeba, Lemon, Lemongrass & Citronella) and have also wanted to try varying my salt soap recipe with different salt quantities and oils so I tried both at once.

The whole soap room smells fresh and clean and citrusy right now, as I have just cut and stamped these. Not easy to get a clean-cut stamp with a salt soap.

I love the colour FOR NOW. I made a Lemon Poppyseed soap a while back (http://jenorasoaps.blogspot.com/2010/06/lemon-poppyseed.html) which was coloured with Carrot Tissue Oil. It was a stunning yellow straight out of the mould, but after a few months it had faded almost completely. See recent photo of the same soap.

So... I hope that the luscious yellow of the fresh salt soap stays more this time. Will let you know!

Any other suggestions for natural bright yellow?


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