Goat Milk Soap Colours

I am really pleased with the lastest creamy whitish colour I got with my goat milk soap. No added colour. Simply kept temperatures low during the soaping process and left it in the mould without covering it with a blanket, in a non-heated room.

This is one of my all-time favourite soaps, simple yet luxurious. Patchouli & Geranium scent. Mmmmmmmm....

Here you can see a little sample piece of my previous batch laid on top of the more recent batch, so that you can see the difference in colour. The previous batch had Orris Root in it. Can you see it? The soap is slightly darker but also has specs. Those Orris Root specs are scratchy too!

It is possible that the scent is slightly more intense with the Orris Root, but I don't like the the scratchy specs enough to use it in my soaps anymore. I am getting great staying power in my aromas lately anyway, without the Orris Root. Finally!!

Naturalmente Mediterraneo update - I am excited to report that business is going really well!! Oh yippee... yahooo!!!! I am running out of products quickly and have to make bigger and bigger batches. I am finding new suppliers who ship quicker as I am running out of ingredients as well. I absolutely LOVE what I am doing and feel so privileged to be living my dream!!!

For those of you in Spain - Jabonarium ROCKS! http://jabonariumshop.com/ I needed some Geranium and Rosemary Essential Oil urgently and they shipped them too me in less than 24 hours!!!

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