Soap Stamp - Naturalmente Mediterráneo

I am so pleased with my soap stamp!!! I knew I wanted my own unique soap stamp so as soon as my logo was finished, I contacted Anhoki, who was referred in a blog post of Lynn

I sent Anhoki the file to see if it were possible to have a soap stamp of my logo! I was so excited to find out that yes, she thought it would be possible. Her price was fair and working with her very easy and straight-forward. I am so pleased with the result!!! Now, I add soap-stamping to my list of favourite things to do.

One of my most favourite things to do is soap cutting… sometimes I look at those awesome soap cutters out there like “the tank” and wish longingly for a cutter like that, which would cut each bar uniformly, but then I would lose out on the pure joy of cutting each bar myself. I take advice from Sergio at Villa Fortuna when it comes to cutting soaps and now stamping soaps… put music on, take time, no rush and get into zen-cutting and zen-stamping…. all part of his “sapo-therapy”.

I asked Anhoki about stamp care and she sent back some advice as well from her blog which has helped not only with care but in getting the best stamp impression in my soaps as well. I found that the stamp comes out much more beautiful and clear if the soap is fresh, either straight after cutting or within a week. Once it is drier, it is harder to stamp. I also found that I am able to stamp my salt soaps (the white one in the group pictures above). They haven’t turned out perfect yet, but I will get better at it.

Thank you Anhoki!!

Happy soaping, cutting and stamping!!!


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