New Packaging - Naturalmente Mediterráneo

I finally really like my packaging! Yippee!

I have played with a lot of different packaging, but when it came to Naturalmente Mediterráneo, it was easier than ever. I knew I wanted to play up the logo, because I love it and because that is what I want people to remember. I knew I wanted to ditch the ribbons, because they didn't seem to say Natural to me. They seemed to say cute and frufru. So here are some photos.

Originally, I just had the paper packaging band around the bare soap. You can see my half-size soaps in these photos.

I had wrapped the sea salt soap in the same paper I use for lining my moulds because they sweat...

but I had so many comments from people at a recent selling event that they loved the fully wrapped soap. Not only did it seem more hygenic and clean to have it fully wrapped but they thought it looked classier. They asked why were only the salt soaps wrapped like that?? So I have begun fully wrapping them all. This solves other issues as well. I think it keeps the Essential Oil scent in longer when they are fully wrapped.

Some other product packaging...

The packaging has really all stemmed from my logo... and I am so pleased!!!

Happy soaping! xo Jen

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