Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! The New Year is approaching and 2011 is going to be a fabulous year for me - I can feel it, and I am going to create it!

I was really excited to blog about my soap stamp but I can’t use my camera right now… my daughter took her camera and our only battery charger to Mexico with her… so I am photo-disabled until she returns… I also wanted to share an interesting colour surprise lately. I was doing one of my usual purple experiments when Voila! I got Green. Green? And it is a niiiiice mint green…. So 2 upcoming posts, as soon as I get the camera working again – 1) Soap Stamp & 2) Mint Green soap.

In follow up to Cocobong’s recent soap review of Sergio’s soaps at Villa Fortuna (Sergio has 2 blogs – & , I wanted to share something with you that Sergio posted a few months back. I have finally gotten around to translating it into English for you. He has come up with something he calls “Sapotherapy”. (From– 14 September, 2010)

Here is what he has to say about it…

"SAPOTherapy” Therapy for the soul, though Soap
I propose that you experiment with something new that I want to share with you, through my latest soap-making experience at my Villa Fortuna laboratory. First, I would like to speak to you a little about Masaru Emoto. I am not sure if you have heard about this Japanese man, but if you haven’t, I will briefly explain about him and post a link if you want more information.

Masaru Emoto became very popular a few years ago with his investigations and taking photos of water crystals, once frozen. In other words, water, when subjected to very low temperatures, produces the most beautiful hexagonal crystals also found in snowflakes. However, what this man observed was very interesting. Apparently not all types of water crystallized in geometrical forms. He observed that water from natural springs, rivers and water that was in contact with nature without negative influences crystallized in beautiful geometrical forms, while water from city taps or some city rivers, or simply polluted water did not crystallize in this way. But Masaru Emoto got even further with his interesting investigation when he carried out various experiments on tap water. In one experiment, he wrote the word “LOVE” on a piece of paper and stuck it on a container with tap water. The result one day later is that the water crystallized in geometrical forms. In another experiment, he placed various people around the container with tap water and he instructed them to think loving and peaceful thoughts. After only a few minutes with the water subjected to these positive thinking vibrations, the water crystallized in beautiful geometrical forms.

Neural Therapy – Water Crystals

These interesting experiments were carried out in a thousand ways, even with food and the result was surprising. For example, 2 bowls with white rice in each one – in one, the word “THANK YOU” was written and on the other one the phrase “I HATE YOU”. The outcome was incredible. The rice in the bowl with “I HATE YOU” started to turn dark and rotten while the rice in the other bowl stayed in perfect condition.

After all this and following various investigations, many serious scientists backed by big corporations are coming to the conclusion that everything in life is “Vibrations” and everything is alive. Each element emits a sort of music, if it can be described that way. This music is not decided by someone else. We decide this music with our emotions and feelings in every moment of our lives. This is why we have to be very conscious of how and what we feel, because we are either creating LOVE or we are creating SADNESS and HATE.

Contemplating Maseru Emoto’s experiment, don’t you wonder that if emotions and feelings affect water and we are made up of 70% water, how would they affect our body and health?

Now I will tell you about my experience and Secret. Lately I have been experiencing levels of peace, love and happiness through making soap that I didn’t feel at the beginning. You could say that it is a type of creative “Ecstasy”, nothing like religious ecstasy, but where I reach these feelings I mentioned. It may sound strange to you, and even farfetched, and I am not really bothered if you believe me or not. I just want to share this with people who can at least partially understand and who have the opportunity to feel it too – what I am calling “SAPOTHERAPY”. These experiences can be subtle for some people and stronger for others, however I have felt the need to share it.

For the ingredients in my soaps, there are two that I never list, but that are basic – Love and Happiness.

A good idea so that the ingredients are filled with positive vibrations would be to write the word Love on all of the oils… but you don’t have to….. hee hee hee. People would think you were crazy. And as we have seen, the important thing is your emotional state and how you are feeling in the moment you are making your soap, as that is what you are going to transmit to the ingredients in the moment you are making them. (Can you imagine soap made by machines?)

Now I will detail what is needed, based on my experience, for “Sapotherapy”:

- Time- Music (It can be modern or classical. The best is if it takes you back to your youth or childhood)

- A peaceful place without noise or people. (Alone, as it is like a Yoga or personal meditation.)

- All of the ingredients and materials to make soap.

And nothing else.

Steps to Follow:

First Step

Before starting, take 10 or 15 minutes to relax, sitting in an armchair comfortably and close your eyes.Think about the project that you are about to undertake, but nothing else. Don’t think about how you are going to do it and how you are going to mix the colours. Forget that. Just be relaxed and think that you are going to create a fabulous soap and give thanks for having all of the ingredients and time to do it. Thankful attitude.

Second Step

The music selection is very important for getting you magically into that “creative dream” in such as way that your hands and body dance, guided by your inspiration. Calculate the time that you are going to take and record a CD for that amount of time, including the clearing up (if you do that right away.)

Third Step
Don’t forget to keep an open attitude in case you need to improvise. This is very important, so that you don’t get blocked in case things don’t go as planned. Don’t forget something: your mind may want one thing but your heart may be wishing for something else, and if you are not open to these subtle messages, there will be no magic. After all, you are the instrument, the intermediary, the channel through which the message is being codified, coming from… God knows where.

Fourth Step

Enjoy in harmony the ritual of the moment and communicate with the ingredients affectionately and familiarly, as they can hear you. Remember that the process of Saponification is pure magic for the alquimists from other times and chemical reactions are being produced constantly and you and your intention are carrying out a very important role, you are playing God. If alter making the soap, you clean all the utensils with the same intensity and enthusiasm, it is because you have done good work and you have been inspired with high levels of concentration.
You will not always reach the same level of concentration, but that doesn’t matter. Your soap will vibrate with two more ingredients: Love and Happiness and because of that, it will be magic.

Hi, this is Jen talking again…. I felt this was an important addition to the Cocobong post, in order to understand Sergio and his soaps better. Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you Sergio for your theories on Sapotherapy! I know my soap always turns out better when I am in the right frame of mind.

Happy Soaping!!!



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